Hello and welcome to my website. I graduated from the University of Evansville in May 2010. I pursued a degree in Theatre: Design & Technology with an Associated Study in Art. For those of you who hate reading long introductions, I invite you to explore my passions, keeping in mind that all of the pictures were taken by me unless otherwise noted. For those of you who would like to know a little more about me, please continue reading.

I have many years of experience working in A/V and lighting departments across the country. I currently design for various performing arts companies in Chicago, have mixed for independent musical artists, and work as a freelancer for several of the largest A/V and lighting rental houses worldwide. I have outstanding leadership skills, a passion for technology and a working knowledge of leading industry standard equipment and practices.

In my mind, theatre & entertainment serve as an outlet to the study of life, culture, human beings, emotion, love, regret, instincts, etc., which viewed through an artistic lens forms a statement. It is enrichment to the soul and the intellect. A theatre production, just like a simple seed grows into a mature plant, then progresses to the blooming power and beauty of its fruit, ending its journey with the fallen seed of knowledge to continue the cyclic process. The best quality that theatre possesses in my opinion, and perhaps the hardest to achieve, is the collaborative process. Everybody and everything has its role in the compositional whole of a theatrical production. It is just like a pyramid structure, without one building block, the structure as a whole does not stand. My favorite way of imagining this pyramid is by visualizing its structure in layers. I believe both visual and auditory tend to achieve their best results when layered with precision. They have strong connections with each other, and I don’t usually do one without the other. 

My passion is designing in any capacity with the integration of technology, although I do enjoy a good old doodle every once and a while! I strive to understand the design spectrum on a broader whole, which I feel allows for a more suitable design for any situation. With music, the integration of digital sound, recording technology, and “on the fly” applications-- virtually allow you to have a complete orchestra at your fingertips. Rhythm is a great passion of mine and I approach it from a polyrhythmic perspective. My strengths are in kit percussion. Just like music-- lighting and art, all provoke responses. My love and fascination is understanding these responses.

I am intrigued with the beauty, rhythm, balance, and flow of the earth, and I strive to integrate these factors into my designs. I think the world is beautiful, and if you ever get the time to sit back, watch, and listen, it is an incredible place. Most of my artwork and photographs strive to represent this fact. My recent goal has been to tackle more current day political and social topics to raise awareness of how the beauty of the earth fights to breath under mankind’s heavy pollution.


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